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About me - Cherie Grindon

Are you suffering from anxiety and depression, feeling sad or angry at events in your life, having difficulty in relationships at home or work or just finding it difficult to cope at the moment? If you need to talk and be really listened to, I can offer a safe, non judgmental environment in which we can explore your difficulties together.

I am a fully qualified and experienced Counsellor offering a confidential and affordable counselling service to individuals, who does not offer advice or tell you what to do but enables a time and space for you to gather your thoughts and gain a greater insight and awareness of yourself which can lead to change or acceptance of your situation.Cherie Grindon, Counselling in Bournemouth  I work as a volunteer counsellor for Dorset Rape Crisis.

My own personal journey into counselling as a profession, started many years ago when I began to explore how specific relaxation therapies helped people suffering from anxiety and stress related problems. I trained in holistic therapies including: massage, aromatherapy and gained a detailed knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

I became aware, how people presenting with physical problems were storing "stresses" in different parts of their bodies as a result of emotional difficulties. It was this that led me into the study of "talking therapies".

It is my belief that the therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client is central to effective therapy. I therefore offer an initial assessment session (by telephone) in order that you can have the opportunity to talk with me, ask any questions you may have and to get a feel for how it might be for us to work together. We will work in a safe, confidential and non judgmental way to assess where you are currently, what you would like to be different about your life and to agree on realistic and specific goals to help you move forward.