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Clear Mind  Counselling Therapy Counselling in Bournemouth Dorset

Why have counselling?

When a problem becomes overwhelming it can affect how you function in your daily life, your sleep patterns, appetite, performance at work and your relationships.  Counselling can provide the positive environment to talk about what is going on for you, gain insight into this and look at what you would like to change.

What counselling does

Counselling can help you to look at your problems from different perspectives and help you work towards your vision of what would allow you to be happy. You could be stuck in a situation or with a problem which seems overwhelming. Counselling can help you unpack this and encourage you to find the solutions that work for you. Counselling can start the healing process which can enable real and lasting change in your life

How does counselling work?

The counsellor facilitates change by enabling you to talk about your problems, confidentially and without being judged. The counsellor places your well being at the centre of their relationship with you. This may be the first time that you have been really listened to by someone neutral and nonjudgemental. You will work towards understanding yourself and others better and making changes that can improve your well being and how you live your life.

Fees and Concessionary Fees

A fifty minute session is £40.  If a person is on income support, State Pension or is a full time student then we may be able to grant a Concessionary Fee. Concessionary clients can be seen only on weekdays between 10 am and 5 pm.  Please call to discuss.

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