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Some reasons to come for counselling:

Counselling in Bournemouth, Dorset


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can occur after a traumatic event. Symptoms vary but can include panic attacks and flashbacks where you relive the event. Left untreated it can lead to self-medicating with alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal drugs. Timely treatment is crucial. Speaking with a therapist can help immensely when trying to overcome the persistent, difficult feelings and anxieties that often follow a traumatic experience. Discussions in therapy are confidential, between you and your therapist.


Trauma counselling is a short-term intervention, which is appropriate when a person has suffered a traumatic incident. Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes; events such as divorce, job loss, death, rape, car accident, illness, failing an exam, losing your car or house – in fact any event that you regard as negative and that changes your view of yourself and your world.

Trauma counselling supports you in identifying and coming to terms with the feelings and emotions you may feel during and after a traumatic experience. These emotions will vary from individual to individual, but the most commonly experienced emotions are anger and fear.