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Success Stories

Cherie has helped me so much and I can’t thank her enough. When I started this I didn’t know what to expect, I was hesitant and nervous as I’d never had therapy before. I was in a place where, even though I was surrounded by amazing friends and family, I knew I needed something more to help me overcome what I was going through. I felt stuck and like I couldn’t move forwards. Cherie made me feel calm and welcome. The comforting environment she creates enabled me to talk freely and openly. The results have been huge. In just 6 sessions I have achieved more than I ever thought possible.

The incredible thing is, even though I went in with a specific problem, I’ve learnt so much about myself that it’s helping me in my everyday life. I’ve found this very exciting. I feel positive about the road I’m on, I think in a more rounded way and feel all together more confident, happier and lighter. I’m so glad I came to Cherie.    Sophie

Dear Cherie, Thank you for everything. I will endeavour to be my own best friend and remember the things I have learned from you.    Ollie

Losing my mum knocked me for six and I was put in touch with Cherie for grief counselling. I soon began to look forward to my sessions with Cherie and I could talk about anything.

From our time together I found I was able to start moving forward from my loss. I also gained clarity on other issues from my past.  This type of therapy worked for me and I would recommend Cherie wholeheartedly.   Allie

I came to Cherie ready to talk and came with a goal to face my trauma. I came to Cherie due to my trauma as a child, I had learnt to switch off from it all. I wouldn't deal with it very well I would drink alcohol and it would all come out that way, the wrong way.

For the first few sessions I would have to be calmed down at the start of it all, But not long after that I wouldn't need calming down I was focused. After 10 sessions working with Cherie I truly being I have the abilities and tools to continue to be a mentally happier person again.

But I would not have done it without the help and support I got from Cherie, I will always be thankful that she came into my life when I needed her. Thank you Cherie.    Lisa

The counselling I underwent with Cherie, enabled me to gain perspective around how childhood trauma had impacted my adult life and to move forward from this. I've learnt how to acknowledge personal achievements and accepted that I deserve happiness.

The support I received from Cherie helped me through a very difficult transition stage of my life and has been an essential part of my journey in respect of addiction recovery. she provided practical, usable tools that I continue to use and have become a part of my daily routine.  Louise